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Women-friendly city
Seongdong-gu has been certified as a women-friendly city. Ministry of Gender Equality & Family has designated Seongdong-gu as women-friendly city , A city where woman and child are happy. The designation as a women-friendly city incites the full scale deployment of business for the Women-friendly composition project over 5 years. Seongdong-gu put up ?he designation as a women-friendly city? as a key project when it was inauguration of six term elected by popular vote and has spreaded work continually. At the end of 2014, It planed to establish women-friendly city in the beginning and In february 2015, and it made a consultative body composed of women-friendly city -related professionals of urban planning , construction , health and so on. and in May 2015, it laid the established policy based on the relevant regulations. Based on this, It has promoted "kids and women comfort in Seongdong as a vision and selected four goals of equality, safety, health , womens participation and 57 projects , Seongdong-gu are planning to promote the settlement of women-friendly policies gradually. Through a 50% achievement rate of public nursery ,women ?ed cooperatives excavation , woman? community space composition , safe town business excavations. The expansion of women-friendly policies such as a Womens work , caring , safe infrastructure, are plans to gradually promote settlement Chong Won O of the mayor of Seong dong-gu , he said "women-friendly cities that can enhance life quality of Seongdong gu inhabitants including Socially disadvantaged ultimately will be opportunities to widen out the value of communication and Sharing and participation " Seongdong-gu was recertified as a family -friendly institution. by Ministry of Gender Equality & Family with Women friendly city as well as work & family balance cultural diffusion , nursery wards composition, family relations promotion, family life cycle family health support.
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