Opened in 2022, the Seoul Forest Culture and Sports Center operates various sports courses such as swimming, fitness, bowling, futsal, and daily sports. It aims to provide public services including local childcare homes and elementary care.

Seoul Forest Culture and Sports Center

Seoul Forest Culture and Sports Center Photo Seoul Forest Culture and Sports Center Photo
Wheelchair accessible facilities
  • Location19 Wangsimni-ro 11-gil, Seongdong-gu
  • Size4 floors (Total area: 5,589.92 ㎡)


Seoul Forest Culture and Sports Facilities - Rooftop , 4F, 3F, 2F, 1F info
Rooftop Futsal field, garden
4F Bowling alley, cultural center, volunteer center, program room, fitness center
3F Multipurpose sports center, swimming pool, lobby
2F Daycare center, elementary care center
1F Offices, daycare center, elementary care center, lobby


By subway
  • [Line 2] Exit 1 of Ttukseom Station (5 minutes on foot)
  • [Suin–Bundang Line] Exit 4 of Seoul Forest Station (9 minutes on foot)
By bus
  • Get off at Seongdonggyo Bridge South
    • Green bus 2014, 2016
  • Take Ttukseom Station Exit 8
    • Green bus 2224, 2413


Seoul Forest Culture and Sports Center +82-2-2204-6640 (Bowling arena: +82-2-2204-6643)

Membership Recruitment

Sports Programs
  • Program Period From the 1st to the last day of every month (monthly programs)
  • Application Period
    • Current Members: From the 18th to the 23rd of every month (First-come, first-served basis from both the website and on-site starting 7 AM on the 18th)
    • New Members: From the 24th to the last day of every month
  • Swimming
    • Adult pool: Adults, water aerobics, children, freestyle swimming
    • Children's pool: Children, one-on-one lessons, freestyle swimming
  • Fitness
    • Paid: One-on-one lesson, group lesson (2:1), group lesson (1:8)
    • Free: Group stretching (1:9), 10 basic fitness tools, systematic and scientific exercise
  • Bowling
    • Lane: 8 lanes
    • Open to everyone; may enter once a day
  • Daily sports Yoga, aerobics, pilates, line dance, ballet, popular dance, fencing dance sports, belly dance, zumba, strong nation, jump rope
Shuttle Bus Hours
  • Mon.–Fri. 8:20 AM–6:15 PM (11 loops)
  • Sat. 8:20 AM–4:15 PM (9 loops)