Chong Won O photo It’s my great pleasure to greet you in Seongdong-gu! This is Chong Won O, the Mayor of Seongdong-gu.

Seongdong-gu is a dynamic city taking great leaps to be a futuristic, industrial city in harmony with a pleasant, natural environment.

The Cheonggye-cheon River and Jungrang-cheon River, as well as the Han River cutting through Seoul, run through Seongdong-gu and “Seoul Forest”; the lungs of Seoul are in Seongdong-gu.

Furthermore, an IT and BT industrial development promotion zone, the future mecca of the futuristic high-tech industry, and “Seongsu Strategic Maintenance Zone,” to become a high quality residential area, are under construction in Seongsu-dong.

Seongdong-gu is proud of its excellent public transportation system which enables passengers to easily travel to any place in downtown Seoul. Seongdong-gu makes every endeavor to be an ever-advancing city.

I hope Seongdong-gu will become a global city with your continuing interest.

I wish you peace and happiness. Thank you.