Welcome to Seongdong-gu

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Welcome to Seongdong-gu


  • Mt. Eungbong Park

About the Park

Mt. Eungbong Park

The mountain got its name, Eungbong (another word for Maebong), from its shape resembling that of a hawk and Joseon Dynasty kings are said to have come here to hunt so was called Maebong (hawk peak).Its topography is of rock layers and its main plant is the forsythia that grows well in barren soil. The forsythia covers the entire mountain creating spectacular scenery in April, and there is a Forsythia Festival during which a children's composition contest, picture drawing, and various exhibitions take place. On the 95.3m above-sea-level peak, there is an octagonal pavilion with a good view of the Han Riverside. Additionally, Korea's best and esteemed rock-climbing facility (a 14m wide, 15m high game rockwall; and a 12m wide, 4m high practice rockwall) is made available in the nature, providing a wholesome rock-climbing-fun experience inside the city. The Seongdong-gu Office offers free-of-charge 6-month rock-climbing classes (for adults, teens and children) from May to October annually, and beginners are welcome.

Park’s Current Status

  • Location : 271 address areas in Eungbong-dong
  • Construction Year : 1988. 6. 1
  • Appointed Year : 1977. 7. 9
  • Amenities : a rock-climbing facility, an octagonal pavilion, a basketball court, a physical training court, a bare-foot massage walkway.
  • Height : 95m above the sea level


  • Take the national railway line, get off at Eunbong Station (walk 10 minutes), Take a town bus no. 8 and get off at LG25.
  • City bus no. 0013, 0211, 263, 1216 and 2411 (get off at Eungbong-dong Hyundai Apartment Complex)